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Date:= 13/2/2017      


1. Write a program using pointers to read an integer array and print its elements in reverse order.

2. Write a function to swap two values using pointers.

3. Write a program to read a string and find whether the string is palindrome or not using pointers.

4. Write a function to take input of two arrays and merge them in sorted order. Return the sorted array      to main function.

5. Using pointers, write a function that receives a string and character as argument and deletes all occurrences of this character from string. The function should return the corrected string with no holes.

6. Write a C program to count number of words, digits, vowels and convert upper case to lower case   and lower case to upper case using pointers.
7. Create structure player having data elements player name, country name and average and print the player with highest average using pointers.

8. Write a program to create pointer to function for multiplication table.
9. Write a program to create pointer to function to calculate area of square and circle.