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JAVA Paper Solution

JAVA Paper Solution

Que. Explain the Features of Java (or Java Buzzwords) 
  Simple 
  Secure 
  Portable 
  Object-oriented 
  Robust 
  Multithreaded 
  Architecture-neutral 
  Interpreted 
  High performance 
  Distributed 
  Dynamic 
Java was designed to be easy for the professional programmer to learn and use effectively. If 
we already understand the basic concepts of object-oriented programming, learning Java will be 
even easier.  

Because Java inherits the C/C++ syntax and many of the object-oriented features of C++, 
most programmers have little trouble learning Java.  
Most users worried about the possibility of infecting their systems with a virus. This type of 
program can gather private information, such as credit card numbers, bank account balances, and 
passwords, by searching the contents of your computer‟s local file system.  
Java answers of these concerns by providing a “firewall” between a networked application 
and your computer. (Prof. Viral S. Patel) 
When we use a Java-compatible Web browser, we can safely download Java applets without 
fear of viral infection or malicious intent.  
Java achieves this protection by confining a Java program to the Java execution environment 
and not allowing it access to other parts of the computer.  
Many types of computers and operating systems are in use throughout the world—and many 
are connected to the Internet. For programs to be dynamically downloaded to all the various 
types of platforms connected to the Internet, some means of generating portable executable code 
is needed. Java interpretation of bytecode is the easiest way to create truly portable programs. 
Two of the main reasons for program failure: memory management mistakes and mishandled 
conditions (run-time errors). The program must execute reliably in a variety of systems.  
Java is robust as deallocation is completely automatic in Java, because Java provides garbage 
collection for unused objects and providing object-oriented exception handling. 
Java supports multithreaded programming, which allows to write programs that do many 
things simultaneously. The Java run-time system comes with an elegant yet sophisticated 
solution for multiprocess synchronization that enables you to construct smoothly running 
interactive systems. 
A central issue for the Java designers was that of code longevity and portability. One of the 
main problems facing programmers is that no guarantee exists that if you write a program today, 
it will run tomorrow—even on the same machine. Operating system upgrades, processor 
upgrades, and changes in core system resources can all combine to make a program malfunction. 
The Java designers made several hard decisions in the Java language and the Java Virtual 
Machine in an attempt to alter this situation. Their goal was “write once; run anywhere, any 
time, forever.”  
Interpreted and High Performance 
Java enables the creation of cross-platform programs by compiling into an intermediate 
representation called Java bytecode. This code can be interpreted on any system that provides a 
Java Virtual Machine.  

 Java, however, was designed to perform well on very low-power CPUs. As explained earlier, 
while it is true that Java was engineered for interpretation, the Java bytecode was carefully 
designed so that it would be easy to translate directly into native machine code for very high 
performance by using a just-in-time compiler.  
Java is designed for the distributed environment of the Internet, because it handles TCP/IP 
protocols. Java allowed objects on two different computers to execute procedures remotely. Java 
revived these interfaces in a package called Remote Method Invocation (RMI). This feature 
brings client/server programming. 
Java programs carry with them substantial amounts of run-time type information that 
is used to verify and resolve accesses to objects at run time. This is crucial to the robustness 
of the applet environment, in which small fragments of bytecode may be dynamically 
updated on a running system.

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