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Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

Most of you use Microsoft Word pretty frequently in your day-to-day work.So, assuming those assumptions are correct, I’d like to help you improve your productivity by sharing the most useful Microsoft Word shortcut keys. 

  • Ctrl+W. Close the active window / document.

  • Ctrl+Z.  Undo an action.

  • Ctrl+Y. Redo the last action or repeat an action.

  • Ctrl+S. Save a document.

  • Ctrl+P. Print a document.

  • Ctrl+K. Insert a hyperlink.

  • Alt+Left. Arrow Go back one page.

  • Alt+Right. Arrow Go forward one page.

  • Ctrl+C. Copy selected text or graphics to the Office Clipboard.

  • Ctrl+V. Paste the most recent addition to the Office Clipboard.

  • Ctrl+Shift+A. Format all letters as capitals.

  • Ctrl+B. Applies or removes bold formatting.

  • Ctrl+I. Applies or removes italic formatting.

  • Ctrl+=. Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing).

  • Alt, F, A. Save As.

  • Alt, S, T, I. Insert Table of Contents.

  • Alt, S, T, R. Remove Table of Contents.

  • Alt, W, F. Full Screen Reading – View > Document Views > Full Screen Reading.

  • Alt, W, R. Ruler. View > Show/Hide > Ruler.

  • Alt, F, X. Exit Word.