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Assignment – 1                                                     Assignment Date: 21/8/2017
Subject: CPPM                                                     Submission Date:

1. Write a C program to interchange value of two numbers using third variable.
2. Write a C program to convert degree to radians. (Formula: degree=π/180)
3. Write a C program to input quantity and price of an item and display total Rs.
on screen. Also input discount (%) and display final payment Rs on screen.
4. Write a C program to input a three digit number from user and calculate sum
of first and last digit.
6. Write a C program to find largest of three numbers using ternary operator.
7. If cost price and selling price of an item are input through the keyboard, write
a C program to determine whether the seller has made profit or loss and
evaluate it.
8. Write a program to read two integer values m and n and to decide and print
whether m is multiple of n.

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CPPM Assignment 1

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