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FYBCA (SEM 2)      

 Database : College_Management_System
Tables: University (u_id, u_name, u_addr,u_city)
 College (c_id, c_name, c_addr,c_city, c_state)
 Department (d_id, d_name)
 Student (s_id,s_name, s_addr,s_city, s_phno)
 Course (course_id, course_name)
 Professor (p_id, p_name, p_addr, p_city,p_phno, p_designation)

1. Create all tables with fields and constraints.
2. Insert 5 records for each tables
3. View records from college table.
4. View records from course table.
5. View records p_name, p_address, p_city from professor table.
6. Display all records from university table.
7. Display records s_id, s_name, s_address, s_city from student table whose
name is rahul.
8. Change name raj instead of rajesh in student table.
9. Change designation mca instead of bca in professor table.
10. Change course name bcom instead of bba in course table.
11. Add field s_email_id in student table.
12. Add field course_description field in course table
13. Add field desc_depart field in department table
14. Change field name s_id to student_id in student table
15. Remove record from university table.
16. Remove record of students whose located in vapi city
17. Remove record of professor whose designation is bba
18. Destroy table of university table.
19. Delete structure of course table.
20. Delete all columns in department table.

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